Girls Weekend: Ojai, Santa Monica, Venice Beach & Beverly Hills

Say “yaasssssss”

One of my main girls invited me to tag along on a business trip to CA and of course I said YAAAASSSS!!! Early Friday morning we headed to CA from NM for a nice weekend trip!

My Friend Sarah, is an incredible Wedding Photographer!  She went to college near Ojai and lived her college days roaming the hills of Ventura and Ojai. She has loads of clients in CA and travels back and forth between CA and NM for work.  I helped with a few family shoots  she had (mainly getting baby’s to look at me while I danced around behind the camera and clapped). For the shoots I wasn’t needed, I walked the streets of Beverly Hills, pranced around in the fields of Ojai, and read as much HP as I could!

Traveling Tip:

The main traveling tip that I’m going to give you is that you go on trips with either a local or someone who has already been in the place you are visiting!  Sarah pointed out and told me all her memories and chauffeured me around in the busy traffic like a straight up boss! I had zero worry about getting lost, finding good places to eat and she understood the time it would take to get places! Also find friends who want to show you their home towns and are more than willing to sleep on a beach with you so that you can rally and continue to have fun!

Outpost Airbnb

Our Airbnb was outta this world adorable and so close to Ojai center.

We stopped in to see all the beautifully curated shops in Ojai

  • In the Field
  • Summer Camp
  • Catwampus Crafts


We got our nails done in Santa Monica at

  • Olive & June

And we went to the beach as much as we could!

We shopped, ate and played all day! I hope you get to visit CA soon! With the weather getting colder in NM, I was so thankful for the opportunity to wear short sleeves and drink cold drinks for a short bit!

Here is the Itinerary for the weekend:

Flew into LAX Friday Morning


  • Airbnb
  • Noso Vita’s Breakfast Burritos
  • Ventura Beach
  • Coffee in Ventura
  • Ojai shops
  • wine/food and face masks


  • Smoothies
  • Commons in Calabases
  • Beverly hills
  • Massages
  • Flight home!

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