My Unique Staple Piece: The JORD Cora Watch

Looking for a Unique, Personalized Timepiece?                      

Throughout this journey of Blowing in the Wind, I wholeheartedly love supporting unique individuals or companies that I believe in. If I find a product that I absolutely adore, you’ll be sure to hear about it at some point in my daily life. I’m a natural sales woman (born & raised) and absolutely love promoting products that are genuine and honest. I want those around me and those who follow along to know and appreciate the same products!

Introducing my new JORD Cora Watch!

JORD is a wooden watch company that focuses on a minimal look. I (being half Navajo) was immediately drawn to the turquoise Cora Watch. The turquoise color matches with my genuine turquoise jewelry that I wear almost everyday. It is culturally important for me to wear jewelry that my people are so proud of and wear with their traditional attire. The turquoise of the JORD Watch blends seamlessly with the aqua tones.

On top of having a unique color choice, the Cora watch comes with a self-winding automatic drive system. Which means it runs on movement and requires no battery. I have honestly never heard of a self winding watch but I’m beyond fascinated with it’s capability.

The wood used for this specific design is zebra-wood. The texture and color of the zebra wood fuses with my natural, outdoorsy, neutral tones and feel of my desert-dwelling life. I come from the Honágháahnii Clan which means One-walks-around clan. I love adventuring and exploring new places and having a watch that fits within this lifestyle is amazing. The minimalist design allows for me to dress this accessory up, or simply wear it casually during my daily life.


JORD has a large variety of different watches ranging from $150-$475 both men and women unique styles. Check out their Instagram and Website!

Lastly, Enter the Giveaway!!!

If you LOVE the design, simplicity, and beauty of a JORD Watch,  I Welcome you to enter the GIVEAWAY that JORD is hosting with Blowing in the Wind! You could win $100 towards your very own JORD Watch! Enter to win below! Also leave me a comment about which watch you have your eye on!!




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