UFC Fights PHX!

Why Fighting?

UFC Fights are one of Albuquerque’s most watched sports. We aren’t big enough to have a basketball team, football or even soccer team… BUT we do pump out some of the top fighters!

Because the environment of ABQ is tougher than most places, kids grow up fighting. Not just physically fighting, but fighting for their place in society, fighting to better their lives, and fighting to do something they and their families are proud of. I love ABQ for this reason. People won’t give up here. Even when the city seems to be imploding, there remains strong people, deep rooted families and an undying pride for the 505.

They let me hold the UFC belt

I got into UFC once I began attending college at the University of New Mexico. The first fight I saw was Carlos Condit, and after that I was hooked. My brother has had a few amateur fights and trained at the Jackson Wink Gym and personally knows a few fighters. My family always get together for the Pay-per-view fights and it has become a sense of community gathering in my household.

We decided (with our tax return) to buy some really great seats for the fights in Phoenix, AZ. Again Carlos Condit was going to be fighting, and so was an Albuquerque fan favorite, Michelle Waterson.  I had never attended a fight before but came up with a few tips if you’re wanting to go!

  1. Watch as much of the card as you can. The fights go by so quickly. Even if there are 12 fights, they go by without you realizing it.

  2. Buy good seats. I know the nose bleeds are cheap but if you’re going to go and experience it, splurge and get some seats in the middle at least.

  3. Get your beers and snacks right when you get in, then find your seats. No one likes those people who are up and down and in and out of the aisles.

  4. UBER. You’re gonna wanna drink while you’re sitting there so get home safe.

  5. Ask young adults to take your photos. They will get the angle and the right lighting.

  6. Lastly, have fun! Let loose and enjoy the hype and energy! Cheer, try not to give into being obnoxious, but yell and clap for the fighters you support.

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