TX in December!

Family Trip!

My Family travelled to San Antonio, Austin, and part of Waco on our family pre-christmas trip this year!

We saw so many attractions, ate so much food, and were wiped out at the end of each day! The reason we chose Texas for our trip was that my sister in law had signed up for her first Marathon and needed to have a cheer squad ( I mean she didn’t “need” us per-say but I feel like it was a group effort hahaha!) She killed it and will “probably run another one,” she said.

Where did we stay?

From San Antonio we headed to our sweet Turnkey home in Austin.  I recommend having a home base that you can relax and feel comfortable at, especially if you have a toddler in tow. Also it allows for you to see the neighborhoods in the city instead of a hotel lobby. We saved a little by having a full kitchen where we could make a few of our meals at the house before we headed out to see the sights as well!

We experienced a wide range of weather while staying in Austin. From the first day being 85 degrees to the 4th day being 40 degrees! Good thing I packed a lot of clothes right?

Austin has so many murals, coffee shops, and quirky stores to fill days worth! My husband would have loved if I had skipped South Congress street because I think I bought something in every single shop we ran through.

Don’t miss this!

One of the afternoons, after Alistair woke up from a nap, we headed to the Austin Capital Building. If you love architecture and history, this is the place for you. You have free reign to explore the building or you can jump into a small tour group and learn about the amazing history that Austin has. The building is glorious. The light and the attention to detail around every corner is breathtaking. I think it’s a must see for sure!

We loved our week of family time and we’re thinking that we have started a holiday tradition of going on a trip before christmas. Also because we went on a trip this was our gifts to each other. We are beginning to realize that time together is so much more important in our busy lives.

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