Take a Moment

Deep Breaths

This week I bought a Kelty Kids Carrier for my son with the hopes of hiking throughout NM before

A. He is too big to carry

B. The weather gets too cold and I hide myself away in my warm house till spring

We packed up some water, put some shorts and athletic wear on and headed toward the Sandia Foothills. We ended up at Embudito Canyon, which is a favorite of mine. The hike is mild and the canyon is shaded and offers rocks to scramble and climb. The limestone is slippery from being washed over by the seasonal stream that wasn’t present and creates natural slides.

I have realized how busy this time of year is but also how important it is to take a little bit of time to relax. I grew up on the Navajo Reservation and was constantly outside, running across the open landscapes, chasing my grandma’s sheep and always dirty. Because of my upbringing, being outside is where I gain back some of my sanity. My body yearns to scramble on rocks, to let the sun kiss my cheeks and let the wind tousle my hair. I love the deep deep breaths that I can take when I’m outside and calmly exhale to just ‘let go’ of everything for just a moment.

One moment each week

I hope that you find some time, even a moment, to either get outdoors before it gets super chilly or to do the thing that brings you some calming relaxation

  • Sipping that first cup of Coffee and focusing on the taste!
  • Hugging your dog and just letting yourself feel their happy heart beat
  • Laughing with Friends and family
  • Roll your windows down and sing along to your favorite song!

I hope you find a small amount of time to breathe deep and continue to grow!

What are the ways you find that bring you the most relaxation in your busy life?

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