Shifting Habits: 5 Changes I’ve Personally made in my Life.

I’ve been meaning to write about my Bad Habit CHANGES these past couple months AND I’m finally sitting down and forcing myself to type these thoughts out.

(These are just my personal changed habits. I’m in no way saying you should change these exact habits but if you can relate, maybe these can encourage you!)

What is a Habit and why am I changing them?

It is a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.
I think that the last part “one that is hard to give up,” is exactly how I would define a habit for myself because ALL of these bad habit changes have not gone without work!
I’ve decided that most of these habits had to go for either my mental or physical health. I take care of my people, my home, my problems and felt it was time to face some things in my life that I feel have held me down for awhile.

What Habits have I changed and Why?

  • Soda/Caffeine intake/sugar addict:

    • Why? My health mentally and physically needed to detach from my constant need for soda. I was constantly complaining about feeling unwell after chugging down a coke.  I was substituting soda for my water intake and was getting use to feeling faint all day. I was using my addiction to caffeine as an excuse for how I treated my family and how I functioned throughout certain parts of my day. I’m proud to say that I haven’t had a soda in 9 months! That’s a huge achievement seeing as I had a soda almost everyday for years!
      • Side note- I don’t drink coffee, just tea now in the mornings for a little wake me up if I need it!
  • Sporadic workout schedule/ not spending focused time

    • I began scheduling 5 days a week to workout with weekends as my “Cheat days.” I realized if I was doing every other day I would easily reprioritize working out and would find ways to get out of it. I need to have structure in my life because of my family and how I prioritize them and their needs above my own often.
    • Giving myself freedom in what I want to do for a workout (yoga, running, hiking, weights, a kickboxing class), has restructured the way I view health. Getting my body moving, mobile, and functioning without pain was my focus. I’ve all around started taking care of my health and I’m feeling phenomenal. Definitely still need to work on mobility and diet to tweak things here and there but learning and growing so much!
  • Lack of Self care


    • This is something I thought initially as inherently selfish. I thought if I spent time on my own care I was being a bad mother or a needy wife. WRONG. After a long day and after my family has been taken care of, I take a bath. I’m such a bath person that when looking for AirBNB’s, I require a tub to soak in.
    • I’ve also decided to treat myself every once in awhile to a pedicure, nap or a visit to the Chiropractor.
    • Also with self care. Mentally I need time to myself to recuperate. I’ve noticed since having focused alone and quite time, my mental state has been much improved and I can handle more throughout the day then I was initially able to take on.

  • Non existent time spent Reading

    • This is a big one. Growing up I NEVER read. It wasn’t something I practiced and it wasn’t
    • because I was a bad reader, it simply wasn’t cultivated. My husband encouraged me to start the Harry Potter series because I had so many questions and could not understand the fans. I took my time to ease myself into reading and listened to audio books as well as read in my spare time. I easily got hooked and now have read all 7 +7 other non related books this year!! I joined a bookclub with 4 beautiful loving women, and although we don’t always read and stay on task, its been so encouraging for me to have people who care about reading in my life.
  • Excessive Screen Time

    • I have a post about this one. Click here to read about the app I use.
    • I don’t want my children to be babysat by the TV- especially when I am blessed to be able to stay home with them as they grow, so why do I let myself spend valuable time binging on my cell phone or staring at my TV?

So with ALL that said, live your best life. I want to encourage you to be honest with yourself and know that you have so much more strength and ability to change things in your life for the better.

These changes didn’t happen immediately or without a conscience effort so don’t feel discouraged if you fall back into old habits.


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