Quit Making Excuses

Are you the “Flakey Friend?”

“I’d rather stay in tonight and binge Netflix,”

” What if I don’t know anybody there?”

” I don’t want to get ready…”

Lets be real-We have ALL thought of these excuses when trying to get out of going to an event.

But why?

Why are we letting our insecurities take over our lives? Is it out of Laziness? Is it that you are struggling with low self esteem? Or is it that we just don’t care to encourage others?

I want to be sensitive to our inner struggles and Yes, it’s fine when the excuses for not showing up are legitimate but I also want to address those excuses that can be hindering you from being a person that can be counted on.

As a young, native, capable woman,  I believe that it’s my responsibility to support others- especially other women. It’s important to show up despite that pimple on my face, and to work hard in my community. It’s crucial to set an example for others and rally together! All of us want for our world to be a better place but we’re not willing to care for humans enough to show up to commitments and work for that very cause!

Now I’m totally guilty of this myself. It’s so much easier to stay in and sometimes I’m not really feeling social (I know hard to imagine)! But I want to change. I want to be excited when I get invited to something. I want to be someone that people can count on and I want to be a woman that is loyal to her commitments.

Take Action!

Women especially need so much support, encouragement, and social participation.

So as a woman writing to other women:

I urge you to fight against that voice in your head thats making those excuses. Tell it to STFU, put your boots on, and walk out the front door. Invite people to go with you. Plan ahead. Make an effort. Push yourself to be uncomfortable because you never know what could come from these opportunities.

Quit making lame excuses. Quit looking for ways out of your commitments. Be present. Be ready. Get it Girl.


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