What’s in Front of you?


Lately, I have been trying to put my phone down and pay attention to my 18 month old. He is so rambunctious these days and I have been noticing that he has been pushing himself between myself and my phone. Ugh.. that made me freaking sad. I felt pretty guilty and tried to manage my time myself (and kept failing). I’d find myself sitting around constantly looking into this black mirror, honestly looking at NOTHING!  SOOOO I am choosing to monitor my time. I want to be more productive with my time in general and felt that it was time to figure out a solution. Time time time! We have so little.

How I’ve been implementing change:

I found an App called Moment. You keep it on throughout the day and it let’s you know how often you are on your phone. The first day I had it on, my results were staggering… I was spending upwards of 4-5 hours on my phone a day. That’s a part time job just on my phone!!! I couldn’t believe that I was spending so much of my time staring at a little screen and missing so much time with my precious little boy. I now have warnings set and reminders to get off after 15 minutes! Also I have a limit for the day and it will harass me until I get off my phone.

I use my Sony A600 to take photos instead of my phone and try to edit and work on my computer during nap times. As much as I love keeping up on social media and knowing what everyone is doing, it isn’t on the top of my list of what’s truly important. I lose sight of things that matter constantly, I think we all do. Hope this is a reminder for you as you navigate through our plugged in world.

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