Moab Family Trip!

Rocks Rising out of the Landscape

This past weekend we traveled 6 hours northwest to Moab, UT. The drive was bare until we began to see the giant rocks creeping out of the flat landscape ahead. The rocks rise out of the sand like sailboats coming out of the waves.

Moab is a vibrant little town with a walk-able layout and funky little stores that cater to my type of tourism(pottery, baskets, necklaces, handmade goods). Cafes and breweries line the street and everyone is dressed like their is a beach near. The temperature ranged from 92-54 while we were there, but sleeping in a tent it either felt hotter or colder depending on the time of day. Arches National Park is on the outskirts of town. It was SO hot but the stops were easy to jump in and out for small hikes and AMAZING VIEWS!

Golden Boy on his Golden Birthday!

Alistair had his 2nd Birthday on this trip, so we celebrated by giving him a few gifts, allowing him to eat whatever he wanted and letting him explore to his hearts content. My favorite gift that we gave him was a  mini digital camera so he could partake as a tourist. He ate it up and was the most adorable little tourist I’ve ever seen! He took so many amazing photos and I will add them below!

We want to turn his photos into small flip books with small narration so he can remember our trips!


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