Magnolia Market Top 10 Tips!

The Silos!!!

While we were in TX this December- we decided ( well mainly I decide) that we should take a day trip towards Waco to see the ever so sought after Magnolia Market owned by Chip & Joanna Gaines (Fixer Upper)! It’s only an hour 1/2 from Austin and pretty much a straight shot once you get on the freeway!

Here are my top 10 tips while visiting this eden for home decor!

  1. Go on a weekday- We went on a Thursday early in the AM! Store opens at 9AM and closes at 6PM MON-SAT (Closed Sundays)
  2. Park in the back behind the food trucks. Follow the signs coming up 6th st.  IF you can find a spot, a gate is open on the backside without having to cross any streets.
  3. Go on a colder day. I have heard so many people say how miserably hot it is in the summer. Waiting in line for a picture at the #milestomagnolia sign, is much more bearable in the cold rather than the scorching TX heat. We were in TX the first week of December and it was pretty chilly but the crowds were small. It slightly snowed (just some snow flurries) while we were there and everyone was freaking out excited!

  4. Hit the Bakery first, grab a drink and cupcake then head into the store (especially if you get there early)!

  5. While walking through the store- take notice that there is  a register at the back of the store as well as the front! (Also if you want to ship anything instead of stuffing it into your suitcase, you totally can in the back too)!
  6. Don’t bring your pets. The “Grass” outside is meant as a space for kids & adults to play and enjoy. Bringing your pet will make shopping harder and they won’t enjoy the crowds!
  7. Try to take in all the work that was put into the displays! They’re beautiful and can be dismissed while you’re looking at the product in front.

  8. Take your time. It’s not a place to be rushed. It’s so fun and beautiful to stroll through the store and surrounding area!
  9. The Store isn’t meant for a toddler. My son had a rough time being told “no” while trying to touch all the beautiful trinkets at his level. The outdoor space and lot are completely kid friendly but the store might not be very fun for the littles!
  10. Lastly, It’s a beautiful store! Enjoy yourself! Don’t get too wrapped up in looking for Chip & Joanna! You won’t find them hahah! Just hangout, and live your best shopping life!

P.S. You can order everything online so don’t fret too much if you can’t spend hundreds of dollars right then and there!

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