Camping in New Mexico with a Toddler

 Camping in Jemez Spring, NM

Jemez Springs is located an 1.25 hrs north from Albuquerque(60 miles). The drive up  to Jemez springs is beautiful and full of landscape changes.  Hot springs, camping, hiking and general relaxing are some of the things Jemez Springs provides. The village of Jemez springs is known for it’s historic bath house and the near by pueblo of Guisewa. Check them out, as well as stop by Soda Dam on your way towards the forest!

We took an off road-road to a campsite that sat on a cliff, because we wanted to be on the higher ground. It was raining earlier in the day, so we decided to stay out of any canyons. Flash floods are very common in New Mexico during Monsoon season so be mindful of your surroundings! A trail sat about 200 yards from our campsite that led down to the Hot springs. It was an ideal location for those who like to have more of a rural experience camping (peeing in the woods). If you have a chance to head up to the Jemez do so between April-November. This area is incredible if you want to watch the leaves change color in the fall! Aspens everywhere!

Camping with a toddler.

We learned the hard way by not having a bigger tent. When I was childless, I couldn’t understand why people bought camping trailers, RVs, or those massive tents. Now I understand completely. Not being able to fit my Pack and Play into the tent with us and subjecting myself to sleeping next to my 1 year old in a cramped cold tent is less (like a thousand times less) than ideal. Note to self: Find the biggest mansion of a tent and pack tons of blankets to bundle Alistair up in!

p.s. Let your kid get dirty. It’s more of a fight to keep them squeaky clean and takes a lot of the fun out of camping if they can’t sit down in the dusty dirt and play.

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