Girl’s Trip to Pagosa Springs!

My Two best friends and I decided that we all needed a little time away from the city! Both of my besties are named Brenna so for the sake of this post I’m gonna call one Brenna and the other Bren haha!

Bren (bottom right) is my amazing blonde, tall bestie that I’ve known for years now. She’s so down for a fun activity and just has such an adventurous heart.

 My other friend Brenna (top left obviously) is expecting her 2nd little boy next month and so we thought making this into a little baby-moon for her, would be so fun and relaxing! Brenna is so down to earth and this was her first time visiting Pagosa Springs!

We had such a great time stopping when we wanted to, eating what we wanted and “sleeping” in even though we can’t sleep past 8 am anymore! hahaha! We missed our kiddos and husbands a ton but we also loved having girl time to just talk, cry, and fully be able to listen without distraction.

Top 5 Tips for a successful Girls Trip:

  1. Plan ahead. Find a great place to stay, delegate what everyone is gonna chip in and bring
  2. Take it slow! We sat around a ton and took naps whenever we felt like it! That’s what this was for! Don’t forget to relax!
  3. Let loose! Get out of your bubble quick and enjoy being away from your normal duties and life!
  4. Take photos and ask strangers to take some for you! You’ll want the memories!
  5. Someone needs to be in charge of the Jams and trip playlist. Just makes everything so enjoyable if you have some great tunes to go along with the trip!


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