5 Gifts for the Modern-Hippie, Girl- WITHOUT breaking the Bank!

Ladies, this is a little Gift guide that you can send on over to your spouse, no words attached. I’ve got your back!


First off- you’re welcome! I hope you find something for your sweet Girl and that this list makes it easier to do so! She’ll love that you put the effort into a gift and you won’t disappoint with these ideas! I’ve also added a few tips to make the gift giving a little more special at the bottom!

  1. First, lets talk trends that are continually current. ‘Staple’ gifts are always a good idea. One that I’ve noticed in all my Girlfriend’s houses are Plants. Women (including myself) are obsessed with greenery in their spaces and lets be honest, they’re a gift that you can easily find and can’t screw up!
    • Here are a few types that are manageable, affordable, and hard to kill! Also Terracotta Pots. Can’t go wrong.
      Golden Pathos

  2. Birchbox. If your girl loves, perfume, monthly surprises, hair and makeup products (who are we kidding? every girl loves these), then BirchBox is a must. This is a monthly subscription of $10 and your beautiful boo will receive a variety of products that match their individual taste. I love receiving mail and especially mail that has multiple gifts inside that I actually use. This is a good one you guys! BirchBox 
  3. Personalize personalize personalize. I can’t say this enough. Having something like a piece of jewelry with a saying, or name, or date of an important memory is perfect.
    • Necklaces with the date of one of your firsts (kiss, date, wedding, child) from Made by Mary
    • or a bracelet or ring with your initial or small saying on it from Genuine & Ginger
  4. Leather Purse. Yes, there are affordable bags out there that your Love will love!
    • Glory Leather is a handmade bag that can be customized with pockets and sizes to fit your Lady’s particular style. Every girl loves having an easy go-to bag that matches with every outfit, dressed up or down. I absolutely love mine and you can find it as one of my staple accessories everyday. Also this is a great diaper bag for all the Mamas! 5. Lastly, anything handmade. Women love that someone took the time to curate or craft something that they can hold onto and enjoy. I love when my husband finds products from small businesses that have a story. Here are a few products from small businesses that I adore, that you can surprise your Girl with!




  • With all of these gifts- you must write a small note, letter or print something out to include with your gift. Tell her how much you appreciate who she is or the things you love about her. This is so much more important than any gift. She needs to know how you feel about her.
  • Wrap it up yourself. Come on, it’s freaking cute and you know it.
  • Think about these gifts ahead of time. Be intentional with your timing. Put reminders on your calendar of important events so that you are never scrambling, because no one wants to feel forgotten in any manner.


I wish you success in these gifts and that you cherish your loved ones and shower them with love often. Don’t worry guys! I’ll be writing a post so that you can get some great gifts too!


*I make a commission for purchases made through the following link.

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