Girls trip to White Sands, NM

  • Day trip:¬†3 hrs from ABQ. Near: Alamagordo¬†Attraction: Hiking, wandering, and sights!

New Mexico is a big State! Often a forgotten state, BUT it has some of most beautiful landscapes. The high desert climbs from cactus filled valleys to snow capped mountain tops. I’m been making it a priority, since the weather has been so nice, to get out and travel around this gorgeous state. My cousin and I decided to take a day trip south of Albuquerque.



SIDE NOTE: Every once in awhile I think it’s so important to take a trip with your “sisters.” The conversations that come about are so hilarious, encouraging, and honest. We need each other more than we think we do. Have someone watch your little ones, get your best girl or girls together and drive somewhere. Take photos, laugh, talk about hard things and support one another without distraction.

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