Face Masks!

Skin care!

I’ve started to workout everyday. Every other wasn’t cutting it because I wasn’t disciplined enough to take a day off and then get back into it! So everyday I try to make goals and figure out a time I can fit in a small workout(Nap time, when daddy come home for lunch, or when Anders is back from work) I’ve also been focusing on my skincare routine and trying to figure out whats best for it.

My Skin was starting to take a beating

After sweating, doing pushups, burpees and lifting, I usually try to take a shower right away, but most often I’m thrown right back into mom life. My skin was starting to feel really dry, my pores felt dirty, and my skin felt a little dull.

I was looking into face masks and found The Reason Y face mask brand because they specifically have a mask for Workout Warriors! Loved that the mask is simple to use, I wear it for 15 minutes after cleaning my face, remove, and rub in the rest. My face feels clean and ready for whatever my  life holds! Check them out here! Use my promo code: jennifer.k.berg for 30% after spending $30!

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