Don’t Hide Your Scars

Do you have scars?

Are they hidden? Visible? Embarrassing? Proudly displayed?

We all have some form of scarring on OR in us. My skin personally scars very easily. I have 3 distinct scars on my left knee and a smaller scar on my right.

When I was a freshman in high school, my family went to Costa Rica for a wedding of a friend. Now Costa Rica does not have lifeguards and my adventurous uncle took my brother and I boogie boarding when the tide was out. They also have rip tides and of course, we were all immediately pulled out by the current. My brother and I, while trying to stay alive, found some rocks closer to shore but were pummeled by waves and had to hold on to our boards in hope of catching a wave back in. When we miraculously finally both got back to shore, I emerged from the water with a bloody left leg and a shakey body. Surfers were asking if I got bit by a shark, it definitely looked worse than it felt. I recovered and went to the wedding an hour after.

But I haven’t completely recovered. I’m still very afraid of the ocean and that fear is more irrational than most but that’s okay. I can stick my toes in and that will suffice for now and I will continue to grow but that doesn’t mean I have to jump right back in without fear or doubt. I’m very comfortable with my scars showing on my knee. They’re small but people notice them often because I don’t try to hide them at all. They’re apart of my story now.

OR Do you carry the scarring that is easy to hide?

The internal scars, from a bad break up, a death that came too suddenly, or something awful or tragic that has made a mark on who you are?

These can be easily hidden because without sharing them, no one has to know how it’s changed or transformed your life.  I believe that by not sharing these scars we allow for the scar to deepen, to continue to alter us. It’s more of a open wound than a closed healed part of us.

How to close these wounds and turn them into scars.

Find people who have similar scarring, or someone you trust to listen to you or even me! I’m available to either listen or help you find someone who can help  turn that internal wound into a scar. Some things we can’t take on alone and internal struggle is one of those. People need to communicate to survive, so find people to talk to. Turn your wound into a scar and let it be what it is, a scar. A healed part of you that no longer bears the same amount of pain, that isn’t always seen as the “prettiest” but let it be something that you carry as a reminder that you survived. That you’re surviving everyday you carry that. The pain may never cease completely but coping with it will become easier  with practice and encouragement.

Don’t let yourself continue to be pummeled by the waves, share, learn, grow, and continue onward towards the shore.


Do you have scars physical or internal that you want to share? Comment below to share a story or maybe how you’ve overcome and healed your wounds!

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