DIY Life Aquatic Costumes under $20!

Halloween is one of my favorite Holidays! It allows for me to DIY, be with friends, and eat loads of sugar! What’s not to love! Seriously!

For the past couple years I have been challenging myself to craft more, buy less, and think outside of the box. Use what you have, waste less, and don’t be afraid to go for it!


  • Focus on the details. They can only add to the look you’re going for!
  • Group outfits are much easier than individual ideas
  • Pick out the major colors of the outfits or themes and roll with them!
  • Who cares if it doesn’t quite look right- Have fun crafting and Get out there so that your kid can get you some well deserved candy!

DIY: Life Aquatic Costumes

Steve Zissou (My Son Al)

  • Knit Red Hat
  • Blue Shirt ($2 from Savers)
  • Cutout Felt “Z”
  • Painters tape for Dark Stripes
  • Gray Sweats
  • Some Concealer, or white makeup for Beard

Ned Plimpton aka Kingsley Zissou( Husband Anders)

  • Older Levi’s dark blue sweater-Stiched a ¬†white “Z” on it
  • Red cap with detail made out of felt

Jaguar Shark (Me!)

  • Dress from Target sale rack ($15)
  • Crocheted hat with felt detail
  • Black tights
  • Steve Madden Booties

Yellow Submarine that was made to sit on Bob Stroller

  • Cardboard Boxes(from garage stash or ask friends. Never buy boxes!)
  • Yellow Spray Paint (Asked around and my brother had a can)
  • Duct Tape
  • Small amount of Black paint for details
  • Black Sharpie
  • Twinkle Lights ($3)

*I make a commission for purchases made through the following link.

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