DIY Fireplace Project

Change can be Goooood!!!!!

I’m a person who constantly loves small change. I rearrange every room about 6 times a year. This year I wanted to show you some of my small projects and what I used or found that worked or didn’t work.

Here is my fireplace before.

I took the cover off and cleaned out the inside. Painted it black. I thought about leaving it open but realized that Alistair would be in and out of there playing. I still needed the fireplace cover.

Lastly I took the cover outside cleaned it off, put paper and tape down on the glass and began to spray! There was a fan attachment that I also removed since we don’t use our fireplace as a heat source in our house.

And this is the After photo.

Small changes can add to each room. Now for some new curtains and maybe some new couches!

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