As Humans, we NEED Community. We thrive when we have others alongside us, spurring us on, encouraging our lives. I have been hosting small events within the city of Albuquerque in hopes of cultivating relationships. Here are a few other reasons why I want to promote community:

  1. With everything going on in the world, we could all use some fun, friends, and opportunities to learn and love one another.
  2. Community is important for your mental and physical health. I think that by throwing parties, meeting for park hangs, or by celebrating obscure holidays together, we can find connections with people we didn’t know we even had and relationships that are meaningful.
  3. I have personally struggled with celebrating others accomplishments or successes. I have always wanted to do a better job at being joyful for others instead of jealous, so to combat that temptation, I will be publicly working towards being joyful for my community. I hope this encourages those of you who struggle in the same way, and you will look for opportunities to celebrate those around you and vice versa.

Photos from the past Knit N’ Bitch!!!



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